Personal hygiene is one of the major concerns of the world these days. One cannot achieve a healthy lifestyle without adopting the habits of cleanliness. No one wants to be around someone who does not take care of their hygiene. Sensitive parts of our body have hair on them, and their removal is necessary. There are razors and some trimmers which are designed for this purpose specifically. But one gets confused that which one will provide better shave to our below the belt body parts.

Do not worry. We have a permanent solution to your problems if you are looking for a trimmer that can help you keep your private parts clean and give them a better look. The manscaped lawn mower 2.0 and manscaped lawn mower 3.0 are the perfect choices for you to remove your unnecessary groin hair and help you maintain better hygiene.

We work on the principle of breaking things down in a simple digestive manner, so doubts are cleared. In the first section, we will tell you about lawn mower 2.0 and in the next section, we will explain lawn mower 3.0. After that, we will make a comparison between both.

So, let us get started.


LAWN MOWER 2.0 and LAWN MOWER 3.0 (3)

The reason for designing lawn mower 2.0 was to make the hair removal of groin part easy. We can also use it remove hair from the most delicate parts of our body. For the prevention of unwanted cuts and nicks, it has anti-nick feature. We can handle it either wet or dry.

The features and benefits of this fantastic trimmer are listed as:

  • It is a cordless trimmer.
  • It is 100% waterproof.
  • You can charge it with a USB cable.
  • It has two adjustable combs for four different hair lengths.
  • It has ceramic (snap-in) blades.

Guidelines to use lawn mower 2.0:

This trimmer will take 5 hours to be fully charged. It will give a red light while charging, and the light will turn green once the trimmer is fully charged. Adjust your blade in the blade slot till a sound of click is produced. Select the hair length you want and the guide corresponding to it. Attach the comb and side it to the place you want to trim.


LAWN MOWER 2.0 and LAWN MOWER 3.0 (2)

For making your manhood look neat, clean and trimmed, lawn mower 3.0 is one of the best trimmers. It has a rechargeable battery of 600 mA Li-Ion. It has soft ceramic blades. It can also be used wet or dry.

  • It is also cordless
  • We can use a USB wire to charge it
  • The ceramic blades are rustproof.
  • For different hair lengths, it has an adjustable guide comb.
  • Trimming is possible at all hair lengths.

Guidelines to use Lawn Mower 3.0:

It takes 90 minutes to charge lawn mower 3.0 successfully, Light will blink while charging and will become solid when lawn mower 3,0 becomes fully charged. You can use the trimmer for the next 90 minutes once it is fully charged.




A detailed comparison is given below:

  1. Better RPM Motors:

When lawn mower 2.0 was designed the primary purpose was to avoid being stuck around sensitive areas. It had a 6000 RPM motor, but evolution was necessary, so we switched to lawn mower 3.0 with a motor of 7000 RPM.

The reason for using trimmers with high RPM is because the hair on the sensitive parts is curlier as compared to other body parts, so it would be good enough to trim without being stuck. A trimmer having lesser RPM values will be stuck most likely.

  1. Battery

The AA battery of lawn mower 2.0 was not up to the mark. So, lawn mower 3.0 was introduced, and it had lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries work great at all temperatures. These batteries are lighter in weight than AA batteries, so lawn mower 3.0 is more comfortable to hold than lawn mower 2.0.

  1. Long-lasting charging:

Lithium-ion batteries last longer than the AA batteries are the charge in lithium-ion batteries last much longer. The lawn mower 2.0 could be used for 60 minutes (an hour) once it was fully charged in 5 hours. The revolution came in lawn mower 3.0 as it serves 30 minutes extra than the 2.0 version after complete charging. During its 90-minute time, you can attend to your business and complete your shaving job later as the battery does not go out that easy.

  1. Rechargeability:

Both lawn mower 2.0 and 3.0 have the functionality of USB charging. It can be plugged easily with the computer system. There is no need to take charging equipment everywhere you go. You can just put the USB cord which can make it a lot easier and consume less space.

  1. LED feature:

No matter how much lit up a room is, it becomes difficult to go at dark spaces in the lower region as one cannot see how much hair are still left. The lawn mower 3.0 has a feature that before the blade touches the skin, an LED light will be turned on. Most of the trimmers lack this feature, which makes lawn mower 3.0 stand out.

  1. Charging Dock:

As per user’s demand, manscaped added a charging dock with lawn mower 3.0. It was done to reduce users’ tension that whether they charged the trimmer before any important meeting. It is easy to fit and a less space occupying tool that you can place in your luggage when you are set to go out. It is very lightweight and slim as well. It would act as a saviour if you forgot to trim your groin before a crucial meeting. This charging dock can be easily stowed on the shelf, or one can leave it on their sink. Its large size helps you remember that you have to trim your balls


Under the light of the above-listed features, we can surely say that lawn mower 3.0 is the best trimmer that can help you shave your groin and sensitive part wholly and neatly.